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Gatekeeper Program™ | Security Liability and Your Church

In this litigious society we live in today; Liability is at the top of the concerns of all churches. Imagine the damage a single mistake could cost your church. If your security team should be responsible for the injury or death of an innocent person, were to be guilty of assault, false arrest or wrongful death.

There are few options when it comes to armed “Church Security Teams” in Texas.

  • Hire local law enforcement to provide security. Cost is $35 - $55 per hour. | Immediate liability falls on local government.
  • Hire a local contract security provider. Cost is $30 – 60 per hour. | Immediate liability falls on security provider commercial insurance
  • Have the church operate under a “Letter of Authority”. If volunteers, annual cost is about $1,000 per year plus cost of armed guard insurance. Can only use uniformed guards. | Immediate liability falls on the church and the church’s armed guard insurance.
  • Join the Gatekeeper Program . Cost is $4-$11.50 per hour.  | Immediate liability falls on Gatekeepers and their armed guard insurance.
  • Designate Uninsured Volunteers – Cost is $0 if nothing bad happens. Millions if anything bad happens. Now legal under TX SB 2065 effective 9/1/2017.

Obviously the cheapest option is the last option. The question is, how much is the church willing to gamble that nothing goes wrong and the church is sued into oblivion. Will your church insurer continue to insure the church that has an armed security team?

In Texas, we favor – The Gatekeeper Program ™. Your trusted qualified volunteers are vetted, background checked by the F.B.I. , the only true national background check. Then trained in the same methods universally taught to law enforcement by Certified LE instructors.

Training - Your Selected individuals go through Texas state professional Commissioned Security Officer and additional Personal Protection Officer certification classes.

For more information on …Certification, Licensing, Serving, Liability Insurance call us – 


The church has hired a state licensed security company to provide the security services the church needs. The church gets their trusted member who has been fully training, licensed and insured as their Gatekeepers for a minimal cost.

To speak with us about the bringing Gatekeepers to your church please call or email us.

Contact or (214) 305-5616 for more information.

Licensed by: #B15671 | The Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security Bureau | Austin, TX


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