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Conference Testimonials


From the 17th Annual National NOCSSM Church Security and Safety Conference | August 13, 2022 at Watermark Church Dallas


Happy Tuesday Marian. 

This was my second conference and it did not disappoint.  Great speakers and great content.  In comparison with last year, I would ask that next year we go back to a two day conference.  I really enjoyed the vendors presenting their products.  However, as an attendee, there was no time to network with other attendees.  I used the lunch break as a time to decompress and visit with colleagues.  

Thanks again and already looking forward to next year.


Hey Marian, enjoyed the conference very much. Always do! It is geared towards larger churches,  which we are not, but there are always a number of nuggets we can take back and implement that will help us harden our church and defer an attack, and that will prepare us for other types of events as well. It's good to be aware of other big picture threats out there also even outside of church security. 


Chuck & Marian, 

Thanks for the really, really great Conference.  I think the speakers were fantastic and very, very relevant.  Been coming for 10 years and I believe this was my favorite.

Add Greg Love if you can get him and the place explodes with relevant info.

God Bless and Thanks Again,

Ron Blair | Grace Community Church | Arlington, TX



Thanks for update

The depth and alignment for us all was great!

Blessing moving forward continually,  in your grand work


From the 14th Annual National NOCSSM Church Security and Safety Conference


“Over 20 years ago Chuck Chadwick taught me the importance of church security. From personally protecting me from someone who sought to do me harm, to developing a security plan for a mega church where we served, to assisting churches of all sizes who have come to me for help in this area, Chuck is the leading authority when it comes to protecting God’s people in God’s house. I have recommended Chuck to churches of all sizes and denominations and without exception, Pastors have expressed nothing but amazement in his knowledge, complete trust in his integrity, and evidence of  a heart for the Father and His people. If you need assurance that you doing all you can with the  resources you have to protect your people, call Chuck Chadwick at Gatekeepers Security Services.”

Lamar Slay

Pastor, Members Services (DAL)

Chuck and Marian,

The annual NOCCSM Conference in Colorado Springs was terriffic. The host church (New Life Church) personnel were accommodating and gracious. The facilites were very comfortable and the view of Pikes Peak was awesome! What a myriad of speakers! They were all informative and on point regarding church safety and security. This was exciting stuff! I brought back a number of highlights and pointers to share with my church security team and church staff. See you next year....for sure!

Thanks and God Bless!

Ron Blair

Elder of Safety and Security

Grace Community Church

Arlington, TX


First and foremost, I want to Thank you and Chuck from the bottom of my heart for the great training at New Life this past week end. We learned a lot about where we are and where we are going. And actually had God reveal that we are doing pretty well as a Church Security Team.

There are other aspects that came out of this program that we are incorporating into out teams as early as the first of September.

Serving Him,

Terry Berringer, Director

Security, Parking, and Medical (SPaM)

The Bible Chapel

300 Gallery Drive

McMurray, PA 15317


Thank you for a great conference. Greatly appreciate New Life's hospitality and everything that you shared. 

Thank you again for your ministry through your website and teaching, and thank you for any assistance you can provide me reference the above.

Christopher Siebert
Safety Team Director
Faith Baptist Church
Parker, CO.


Just left the NOCSSM conference at New Life and wanted to thank you, Jeff and New Life for putting this event together. I learned many new areas of concern for our church and solutions.

Thank you,

Tim Schwager

​Deputy Director of Security 

Village Seven Presbyterian Church​

Colorado Springs, CO


Thank you for this invaluable time. At the risk of being repetitive I felt this was the most impactful conference I have ever had the privilege of attending.

In addition to learning some wise & prudent security information, I also received a lesson in practical, impactful, incomparable Christian forgiveness. I will never forget this time. Thank you so much.

If I can serve you at your next conference as an extra set of hands, detail capture or hiccup elimination, or any other way, no cost or obligation it would be my privilege.

David Huggins

Light of the World



I would like to express my absolute genuine appreciation for you, Gatekeepers and the work you do to keep our churches safe. Times are much different today than they were when I was growing up in a small Baptist church. It seems that every day the news highlights yet another tragic event whereby evil people and at times good people who do evil things have spilled their evil ways into our churches. Gatekeepers has and is standing in the gap to keep these horrific events from becoming scenes of mass murder. Without you and Gatekeepers our houses of Worship most likely would have become something much worse and dark many years ago. Are there Gatekeepers trained PPO's diving in front of that bullet before it strikes Pastors every Sunday. Probably not. However, the obvious presence of Gatekeepers Forces across the United States has and will have a very pronounced impact on churches and those who wish to do harmful things to those who worship. The public or even those who attend churches across the United States will never know or truly appreciate the impact that Gatekeepers has had. However, those of us who are willing to stand in the gap know and won't forget what Gatekeepers has done and continues to do.

Being in law enforcement for the past 35 years I have attended dozens and dozens of schools and logged in (most likely) 1,000 a thousand hours in classroom chairs. Some of the schools were outstanding and then there were some that were not as good. You just never know what the training will be like until that first day. When I signed up for 6 days of Level 2, 3, and 4 I must admit I was a little cautious. However, from day one the content, presentation, material and of course your method of instruction was outstanding. There was a lot of the material that I had never been exposed to and each day had me waiting to see what was going to be next. I appreciate your willingness to come to San Angelo and bring your school to us. Having been away from home myself (work and training) and missing out on family time I can truly understand what a commitment it was to bring the training to us.

I would also like to extend my appreciation to Richard Ray (forgive me if I misspelled his name) and his very unique form of defensive tactics training.

Teaching cops who have been around the block a few times new methods of controlling individuals and delivering defensive tactics sometimes can be a challenge. However, Richard's obvious qualification and proven abilities as well as his manner of instruction allowed those with all levels of experience to learn simple and proven techniques in a matter of hours.

I would also like to say thank you for looking at our Sanctuary and meeting with our Pastor to help us strategize the best way of providing personal protection to our Pastor. There were some things our Security Team had already thought of but there were others that you pointed out that we had overlooked. This will help us greatly in establishing a protocol for Pastoral/Platform protection.

Chuck, I pray that the Lord blesses you and your family and that your cup will always be full and overflowing. Thank you for sacrificing family time to spend time with us at Glen Meadows Baptist Church. Please keep us and our church in your prayers as our Gatekeepers program grows. If there is ever anything that I or Glen Meadows can do for you or Gatekeepers please do not hesitate. I look forward to the day when we will meet the Heavenly Gatekeeper and in a flash be in the presence of our Lord and Savior and we will no longer have worries or fear. Psalm, 46:10.

Jim A. Coleman, Detective
San Angelo Police Department
Cold Case Investigations, CID
401 E. Beauregard
San Angelo, TX 76903


I feel that the time and money spent to hear the experts speak was a wonderful investment. I agree that each speaker brought new information from his area of expertise. In particular I got very important insight into Greg Love’s analysis of the methods and profiles of the molesters. It frankly really creeped me out, but it’s the type of information you need to be more aware of the risks. It’s an area that I had never really thought very much about until that morning. Thank you as well for being so open and user friendly on the stage and mixing with the participants who come in at all levels of understanding.


Spence Nelson

Village 7 Pres. Church

Colorado Springs

Good morning Chuck.

Jim Coleman from Glen Meadows Baptist in San Angelo. Just wanted to say thanks for all that you and Gatekeepers do for churches and those who sit and worship our glorious Savior.

I am convinced that because of Gatekeepers lives have been saved and attacks have been thwarted. I am certain that through the professionalism Gatekeepers teaches its PPO's, those who are determined to hurt or disrupt have been turned away. I suppose there is no true way to measure deterrence and its effectiveness. However, the extremely low incident rate at churches protected by Gatekeepers paints a very clear picture. That is; Gatekeepers and it's program works.

Thank you Chuck for all you and your wife do to keep God's children safe. 

Who we are! We are the leaders in church security and safety in the nation with thousands of hours working, consulting, speaking and teaching churches the need and solutions for training church security and safety teams in churches/organizations to "Protect God's People". Why? Our founding scripture...Chronicles 9:21-22
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