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Non-Regulated States | Training


Church Security Team training opportunities:

Until now we have reserved our Church Security Team training only for churches that have joined the Gatekeeper Program™ in Texas. 

We have decided to expand the opportunity for other church security teams to take part in this proven training program regardless of state or church location.

The Christian Security Institute is a security school licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Bureau as a level 3 & 4 security school. Our training includes all required training and certification to apply for your license as a level 3 Commissioned security officer and a level 4 Personal Protection Officer (PPO).

Training specifics—Curriculum Outline – Four days

Classroom Lecture -

Legal / Arrest Authority


Field notes and report writing

Crime scene

Patrol Service

Use of Force

Penal Code

Dynamic Resistance Model

Conflict Resolution

Defensive Tactics

Soft and Hard empty hand techniques

Control and Survival targets. Take-downs and escort techniques


Expandable baton

Handgun Training

NOTE: This course does not teach you to shoot the handgun proficiently. This course assumes that the student is familiar with the handgun and is already qualified to shoot a qualifying score to pass the Texas State License To Carry course of fire.

Handgun and Shotgun Safety

Handgun and Shotgun Nomenclature

Shooting Fundamentals

Modern Technique of the Handgun fundamentals – Stance, Grip, Trigger Pull

Drawing the handgun


Range Procedures

Qualification Course of Fire - Handgun and Shotgun. (Shotgun is Optional)

Equipment needed per student –

50 rounds target ammo per qualify round.

If shotgun 9 rounds 00 Buck per qualify round.

Handgun – 9mm, 40 S&W, 10 mm, 45 ACP or other approved caliber

If Shotgun – 12 gauge pump or semi

2 magazines

Mag holster

Wrap around eye protection

Hearing protection – Electronic preferred.

Ball cap

Strong side carry holster or other approved holster. Cannot release handgun with trigger finger (Blackhawk Serpa 2)

Courses are taught at our facilities in Texas.

For further details, please call us at (214) 305-5616

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