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Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on


This is the FORWARD to the latest issue of the ISIS magazine Dabiq

"As the American-led crusaders continue waging war against the Khilfah, more and more Muslims continue demonstrating their willingness to sacrifice everything precious to them for the sake of fulfilling their duty to Allah.

While many continue to do so by undertaking hijrah to the Islamic State, others do so by defiantly terrorizing the crusaders in their very strongholds.

Such was the case on the 20th of Safar when Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik carried out an attack on the kuffr in San Bernardino, California and succeeded in killing 14 of them and wounding 22 more. As the operation took place, Tashfeen Malik made a post online reaffirming their bay'ah to AmrulMu'minn, Shaykh Ab Bakr al-Baghdd (hafidhahullh).

She and her husband then engaged in a shootout with security forces and were killed, thereby attaining shahdah in the path of Allah. We consider them so, and Allah is their judge.

Thus, the Khilfah's call for the Muslims to strike the crusaders in their own lands was answered once more, but on this particular occasion the attack was unique. The mujhid involved did not suffice with embarking upon the noble path of jihd alone. Rather, he conducted the operation together with his wife, with the two thereby aiding one another in righteousness and taqw."


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