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Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on


We all heard of the beheading of the priest in France. The news media said it was the first attack specifically on Christians.

In the newest release of the ISIS magazine ISIS goes on and on about the Christians and how they are so deceived. Interesting enough they don't seem to be cognizant of us western evangelical Christians.

All of their pictures of Christian leaders are of some type of orthodox priest out of Europe.

No pictures of American Christian leaders here. No pictures of Franklin Graham, Robert Morris, etc. It's like they don't know we exist yet. I'd like to keep it that way, but I fear that before too long we might be seeing a change.
More pictures and symbolic imagery below from issue number 15 of Dabiq magazine.

Al Qaeda Inspire magazine

A few weeks ago I said I would review all of Al Qaeda's magazines and give you a specific list of their "Open Source Jihad" – "how to's" and DIY jihad, so here it is.

By the issue #

1. Pressure cooker bomb
2. Using truck to "Mow Down" people
4. Destroying building with gas leaks5. Training with the AK 476. Training with the AK 7 (part 3) and making Acetone Peroxide explosive
8. Remote control detonation of explosives
9. Setting fire in dry areas to destroy property
10. Torching parked cars, causing road accidents by spreading oil on curves or laying down tire spikes
11. Arson, Car bombs
13. How to make bombs with no metallic parts to avoid detection in airports
14. Assassination Operations and designing and making a timed hand grenade
15. Professional assassinations – DIY Mail parcel bomb, book bomb, magnetic car bomb, trap door bomb

In their assassination field tactics, they are concentrating on Economic personalities and wealthy entrepreneurs and company owners. So preachers aren't on the high value list as of the summer of 2015.


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