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The Fighting Handgun

Posted by William Chadwick on

That’s some serious talk, them there are fighting words.  Let us dive right in about selecting a handgun to shoot people with.  You might call it a duty gun or a defensive handgun either way there is one certain thing these are implying quietly and that is they are specifically for shooting bad guys.  This topic is not spoken about alot amongst circles because of this dark fact but all things set aside we need to be sure we are not placing our bet on a target pistol, show gun, race gun, bargain, antique, pocket gun etc.  When selecting a fighting handgun, it is not about looks or convenience, it is not about the attachment to or esotericness of grandpappies ole .45 because that was what they shot bad men back in the day with when men were still men.  No, not at all.  It is about dependability, reliability, durability, simplicity, efficiency, and capacity.  It must not be fancy or complicated.  It must with relative ease be presented at a moment’s notice and simply perform its one and only function straight out of the factory only requiring a shooters stabilization to continue flawlessly unless the ammunition is at fault.  You see what most departments issue as a sidearm to officers nation & worldwide and know there is some reasonable standard set.  The gun you carry on your person to save the lives of loved ones and yourself is solely up to you.  I will not tell you what I think you should carry.  I will tell you however what I know you should carry.  It encompasses all the assets stated previously and hereafter.  It should be modern.  It should be well proven.  It should be recognized somewhere in the firearms industry as being made by one of the top 5 handgun manufacturers in the world.  It should be well respected.  It should be well kept and always ready for its task should it be called upon.  While thumb safeties can be trained to per your weapon system, I would rather have as least steps as possible to go through upon deployment, all the while staring death directly in its face.  Ask yourself if your current gun of choice falls in some of or all of the categories listed above.  Is it truly up to the task for a determined and trained enemy whom is most probably wearing bullet resistant armor and brought his own toys to the party.  If we must go we will not play fair. We will bring our personal best and that includes a real fighting handgun just for this special occasion.  That is all for now. Remain safe, aware, and ready for the fight.


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