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Soft Targets attacks expected in 2015

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

"Soft Targets"

attacks expected in 2015

In the wake of the recent lone Jihadist attacks in the U.S. and the now coordinated attack in Paris, are churches ready to wake up and be prepared to the coming attacks on their places of worship?

Former deputy director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Mike Morell, said on CBS News that he expects attacks on "Soft Targets" in the United States in the upcoming year.

First - I ask you; where else can you find hundreds of "Infidels" (spelt "CHRISTIANS") all in one place at an appointed time (spelt "SUNDAYS") in a self-contained "Kill Zone" (spelt "A CHURCH SANCTUARY")?

Secondly - When we pursue the Jihadist's leaders (High Value Targets) we are actually going after what they consider their Spiritual Leadership. Now I ask you; who are your spiritual leaders?

As in most active shooter scenarios and soon to be "Jihadist" attacks in the U.S. we would best be prepared by legions of law enforcement officers and military surrounding our churches making an impenetrable "Iron Dome" around our love ones and leaders. However, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

What is reasonable is to have "at least one" trained Gatekeeper ready to face the unthinkable attack. There are always unafraid men and women that will take up that torch and pursue the tasks of training to be prepared as those initial responders to minimize the death and injury to our most vulnerable.

We have dedicated our cause to making that training available to those that would stand in the reactionary gap.

Our indoor facilities have now been augmented by our huge 50 acer outdoor training facility just north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolis. Our training programs span from the less lethal "Laying on of Hands in an unhealing way" to highly proficient "Deadly Force" (firearms).

We invite your church to come and train with our Christ centered trainers in our Christ centered facilities. For more information please call us or email to develop a custom curriculum that will make your Gatekeeper ready and up to the task.

See the latest new story about Gatekeepers from CBS news:



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