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Reloading the Fighting Handgun

Posted by William Chadwick on

Here is a short video showing the dynamics of “Reloading the Fighting Handgun” and how we teach it at the Christian Security Institute.  This particular video is a “Reactive Reload Drill” done in the classroom with dry fire.  It is shown in real time and then slowed down so the systematic process can be revealed.  We start the video with an empty magazine in the weapon and the slide locked to the rear.  Acquire all fundamentals and get a click to simulate firing under duress and responding to the slide being locked to the rear. Use your support hand to turn the weapon towards the body while allowing your firing hand to adjust its position in order to allow its thumb to contact the magazine release.  Extract the depleted mag with force in order to clear the magazine well.  Retrieve a fresh mag while simultaneously reacquiring a firing grip with the firing hand.  Insert the fresh mag with force to assure good seating with the support hand.  The support hand then makes proper contact with the slide and brings the slide to the rear and allows it to freely return into battery.  The hands meet and marry as they would in step 3 of the 4 count draw and return to position 4 in line with the master eye.  The trigger is pressed to the rear with continuous and even pressure keeping sight alignment and picture within tolerances and the results are measured downrange.



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