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Patrol Rifles for church security

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

Carbines for church security?

It is clear that a growing number of criminals, not to mention terrorist, are using assault rifles like the AK-47 or AR-15 (carbines) in their attacks.

Both of these calibers can easily penetrate ALL soft body armor that law enforcement usually wears (Level 2A or 3A) with ANY commercially available round from the local sporting goods store. Is doesn't have to be "Armor Piercing" as the media would have you believe.

However, the readily available NIJ Level 4 ballistic plates easily stop these rounds when worn in a "plate carrier" that can be thrown on quickly when responding in the first seconds before the incident is over and law enforcement gets there to write down the names of the dead and injured.

A growing number of churches are equipping their security team with 'Modern Sporting Rifles", which is the politically correct term for these semi-automatic rifles. You usually have to meet force with an equal amount of force to prevail in a gunfight. These weapons are usually locked in a gun safe with the plate carrier in the security room.

Just having these weapons is not enough to prevail. You must be trained in the tactical use. This is a lot more than simply knowing how to load and shoot at the local gun range. A person really needs tactical training in order to "beat the bad guy". We highly encourage your security team to search out a qualified tactical trainer.

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