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Oklahoma beheadings...

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on


It has begun or has it?


I am sure you are all aware of the Oklahoma beheading. What is your take? Was it a case of "Workplace Violence"? I have to believe that the press gets about half the story on most things. Not that they lie or cover up facts, it is just that they go with what they are told by sources.


Here are some negative quotes from the media:

  • "He calls himself Jah'Keem Yisrael on Facebook. But he grew up as Alton Nolen."

  • "His Facebook page included images of Osama bin Laden and an apparent beheading."

  • "The Facebook page where Nolen posted under the name features a cover photo of fighters holding a machine gun and a rocket propelled grenade launcher."

  • "Among the posts are screeds condemning the United States as "wicked" for failing to help Palestinians during the recent hostilities with Israel."

  • District Attorney "My understanding that he was using some Arabic terms during the attack."

  • "Nolen's problems at work including getting in trouble for his performance and for trying to convert co-workers to Islam."

  • "Another post reportedly shows a beheaded man with the quote "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their fingertips off them.""

  • "Obviously, there was some sort of infatuation with beheadings," Mashburn said. "The manner in which it was carried out seemed to be related to his interest in killing someone in that way."

  • RICK PERRY:"I think Americans are confused about what this is. This is a clear case of an individual going in and doing something that does not meet their definition of 'workplace violence,' so I think any rational thinking American is going to look at this and think this is more than just normal workplace violence...

Positive quotes

"My son was raised up in a loving home," mother said in a Facebook posting Sunday. "My son was raised up believing in God. My son was a good kid. I know what they're saying he done, but I'm going to tell you this: That's not my son."

"Alton, my brother, he's always been a great person, a loving person," Megan Nolen said in the post. "He's always been a people's person, he's never been a violent person"

"Leaders at the mosque he sometimes attended said he was quiet, not outgoing, and that there was no sign of violent tendencies in his personality, according to KOCO and The Oklahoman newspaper."


 I will let you all decide how to take this incident yourselves. Think of the warnings of how Americans, British and other westerns are going to fight with ISIS and then going to come back here to wage Jihad.

This person did not seem to have to go there and then come back to carry out this attack.


Another viewpoint:

For a number of years, the pulpit and the press alike have been sending up "danger signals" that all is not well with the Old World, and that they could foresee an approaching storm of such magnitude that it would more than likely engulf all humanity in its wake.


These faithful Watchmen and Guardians of the sacred and more serious things of life have tried in every way possible to awaken and arouse the consciousness of the people to the full reality of these things and what these "true signs of the times" indicated.


However, their efforts to forewarn the people were met with a cold indifference. This is just what happened in the days of old Noah, when the people most likely accused him of being an alarmist, which is what such prophets are called today. The consciousness of the times has been: "It can't happen here", and that is as far as the people were interested.

Some time ago the Atlanta Constitution, a widely-read paper of the South, sounded a most timely warning in the following striking passage, taken from its editorial columns:

"Never before in all the history of civilized man has the world faced a future so dark and ominous. These are days that try men's souls. It has devolved upon our generation to bear the heaviest burdens that have yet descended upon the spirit of Humanity."

The last viewpoint was written in 1942, almost 72 years ago. It was just after the America entered World War 2. When we look at who are the leaders of the Islamic extremist they are mostly their spiritual leaders. These are the persons who are considered our "High Value Targets".


We have got to be prepared with the will and the skill to protect our spiritual leaders. Call me an ALARMIST? Please do!


What does this have to do with Church Security? You figure it out; then call us when you need the skill building.



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