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Low-capacity handguns as duty weapons

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

We have Gatekeepers coming to the range all the time with handguns that they want to use on duty as Gatekeepers, protecting hundred, if not thousands, of congregants. 

As usual, on the firing line, there are those that must use two magazines to fire 10 rounds. Those single stacked mini-pistols and even the venerable 1911 have their place. But guess what, the place is not optimal in a gun fight.

When I ask why they chose such a weapon they usually reply, “I can conceal it real easy.”

Texas has just passed a new law that does away with the caliber limitation for the Texas License To Carry qualification course of fire. That means you can now get your LTC with a 22 LR.

Texas also passed a new law repealing the knife length limitation. So, you can now carry a sword if it fits your taste.  (Update: now all previous bludgeons are legal to carry, brass knuckles, etc.)

The old saying goes that if you are going to a gun fight, don’t take a pistol, take a rifle! Also, don’t take a knife to a gun fight.


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