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Posted by William Chadwick on

This week we visit a proximity response issue… The question is, when in a hand to hand struggle with the enemy should we attempt to push the pistol into the opponent in order to find a target and achieve damage by getting a hit. The answer is NO, Do not stab with a pistol.  Here is why.  While in the training arena with our “oh so safe” plastic molded blue / red guns we find ourselves jamming the weapon muzzle first into the bad man and then the end of drill “I got you” comes along...  This usually happens during the knife vs gun drill at point blank and I believe it’s a natural response built into us to drive something into someone that is attempting to drive something into us.  The real gun in a real situation is not going to be safe or function the same at all and the focus on details will count.  We must not drive the muzzle into the enemy as we could very well receive a click instead of a bang. Let’s examine why and then you will test it. The slide must be in full battery, all the way forward, with all components aligned properly or you will simply not release the hammer, firing pin, striker mechanism against the primer, or if it does release it will not make proper contact with enough force and depth of strike to ignite the primer or at least not enough force for us to depend on in that situation.  So once again I say do not train to push the gun into the bad guys body while attempting to fire.  Now of course it is your responsibility to test this safely and while unloaded... do I even need to say that? Unless of course you create safe conditions at your own place of shooting guns, with your own gun and find out if it resets the trigger upon reversing tension on the slide (backing off the opponent’s body) then releasing the trigger and seeing if you get another try to save your life without manipulation of the weapon system to get it back online. I can tell you with my Glock it does reset.  Attached is a video of a live fire test on the range.  The test is simply to push the gun into the opponent to recreate what could happen in an adrenaline induced event when and where you find yourself driving the muzzle into the enemy at point blank range. Be sure the slide moves slightly to the rear and then attempt to fire.  Keep the trigger pinned to the rear as you pull back and away releasing all tension on the slide. Next attempt to reset the trigger and fire. Did it reset or no…? this is something you should know.  Know your gun and know not to drive it into the bad guy.  We want bangs not clicks.


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