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How is your church preparing for an ISIS/"IslamicExtremist" attack?

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

How is your church preparing for an ISIS/"Islamic Extremist" attack?

With the White House stepping up warnings about terror on US soil, how is your church preparing for an act of violence/attack by radical Islamic extremists?

Do you have an armed security team? Are they ready for the weapons and tactics employed by ISIS or "Islamic Extremist" so far? Let's look at what you may be up against.
  • Paris, France -Charlie Hebdo Trained warriors armed with AK-47 7.62X39 assault rifles attack and kill multiple people. Get away and are killed elsewhere.
  • Ottawa, Canada Parliament Hill Gunman armed with .30-30 Winchester Model 94 lever-action hunting rifle kills policeman and makes it inside the parliament building.
  • Garland Texas Two gunmen armed with AK-47 7.62X39 assault rifles and bullet resistant vest attack and shoot one unarmed policeman at a free speech event.
There seems to be a similarity in these attacks that would certainly overwhelm the typical church security officer. That would be the use of rifles and not just handguns. The Garland attackers also were wearing ballistic (handgun bullet resistant) vest.

How does that stack up against your itty bitty 8 shot 3" barrel 9mm that you like so much because it is lightweight and easy to conceal? Even my good friend, Carl Chinn in the 2009 New Life Church attack would tell you how his 32 caliber Keltec was no match for the AR-15 6.8mm assault rifle at the end of a 100 yard corridor.

It is time to step up your game! And it is going to be more than just buying an AR-15 or AK-7 and learning how to load it and shoot it from a bench. Church security teams need to be trained in the tactical operation and develop the skills to engage the enemy.

Training opportunity:

William Chadwick (yes, my son) has recently returned from Carbine Instructor school and attained his certification. He has furthered his credentials by attaining his TCOLE Law Enforcement Instructor certification and his TX DPS-PSB Level 3 Firearms Instructors license. If you've met him you know what an excellent instructor and superlative shooter he is. After all, he has been in firearms training since the age of eight (over 25 years).

William will be giving a Basic and Advanced Carbine class each month beginning in June and I highly encourage each of you to attend this training that will change the way you think about carbine shooting and your combat mindset.


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