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Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted by William Chadwick on

As GATEKEEPERs, we primarily operate in plain clothes.  This allows us to blend with our surroundings.  The occasional need to be seen arises.   Command presence can be elevated by adjusting posture, attention, and changing location.  The easiest way to be seen and establish a strong visual command is to be in uniform. 

Yes 95% of GATEKEEPERs do not serve in uniform but there remains a few that do and this week’s tip is for them.

Either way, we know the bad guys do not like the good guys vice versa and that we may not always know when we are looking at a bad guy but they will always know you are a good guy if you are in uniform.  This brings us to the art of invisibility. 

This discussion could go on forever but for now we are projecting it on the uniformed officer staying safe.  Wear a cover garment when in transit to and from duty locations.  This helps disguise you while traveling.  As you pull up next to other drivers on the road they will see no sign that you are an officer.  I remember several occasions having to sit side by side at stop lights in uniform with less than upstanding citizens in the car next to me watching my every move.  It’s the whole “look straight ahead as not to escalate any tensions and using peripheral vision to keep eyes on any movement whilst holding your sidearm lower than the windows” situation we are trying to avoid here.

Another scenario…  If you are in a car accident or any other reason causes you to exit your vehicle you will have not alerted every one around of your presence.  Always prepare ahead of time as to not having to stop and get out anywhere while in uniform even with a cover garment as your pants and intentional footwear are good guy indicators.  Especially gas stations. 

We have seen ambushes on Law Enforcement at locations like these (don’t be a target).  I remember working long shifts or doubles where making a run to the local convenient store for hydration or sustenance was not only convenient for me but conversely true for the bad dudes of the area.  You do not want to be inside waiting in line when these guys enter the store, believe me.  Even stopping at a fast food drive through is not a safe option unless you have that cover garment on.  A cover garment could be as simple as a shirt or jacket that properly conceals your uniform shirt and duty equipment. 


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