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Get off me Blades & The “Grab and Stab” concept

Posted by William Chadwick on

Today we revisit the off-hand deployable blade and what makes the grab and stab concept so simple and convincing.

Primarily used in close quarter deadly force situations and arguably the best option for firearms retention, the off-hand blade is to be simple, secure and easily brought into the fight. 

The blade must be accessible by the support hand even while in a seated position or any unorthodox position you end up in during a ground fight.  This blade should not be a folding blade, we want a straight fixed blade with no buttons, switches or assists.  The simpler it is the easier to do harm with it is.  Hence the “Grab and Stab” title.

It should be easy for you to deploy but carried in a secure sheath that will not allow it to get knocked loose or fall to the ground in a fight.  It should be carried in a place you can easily defend but still access.  Struggling with cover garments can be an issue especially while seated so choose wisely and see what works best for you. 

On weapon retention we understand that if they go for my knife or firearm, they are placing themselves in the “Deadly Resistant” category of the “Dynamic Resistance Response Model” (DRM) and Deadly Force is now authorized.  Simply put, if they go for my knife, I shoot them, if they go for my gun, I stab them then shoot them if need be.

“The Get off me Blade” if you will… is a space creator that allows you to deploy your firearm to finish the threat.  Cold steel entering the body is formidably the most convincing way to get someone’s attention that is trying to kill you, even against a determined enemy you will be cutting tendons, muscles and ligaments that will disable the attacking limbs or achieve enough blood loss to stop the threat. It will provide the distance you need to deploy hot lead.  Now go get you one…


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