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Gatekeepers Training receives another favorablereview

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

January 21, 2013

Gatekeepers Training receives another favorable review
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I would like to express my absolute genuine appreciation for you, Gatekeepers and the work you do to keep our churches safe. Times are much different today than they were when I was growing up in a small Baptist church. It seems that every day the news highlights yet another tragic event whereby evil people and at times good people who do evil things have spilled their evil ways into our churches. Gatekeepers has and is standing in the gap to keep these horrific events from becoming scenes of mass murder. Without you and Gatekeepers our houses of Worship most likely would have become something much worse and dark many years ago. Are there Gatekeepers trained PPO's diving in front of that bullet before it strikes Pastors every Sunday. Probably not. However, the obvious presence of Gatekeepers Forces across the United States has and will have a very pronounced impact on churches and those who wish to do harmful things to those who worship. The public or even those who attend churches across the United States will never know or truly appreciate the impact that Gatekeepers has had. However, those of us who are willing to stand in the gap know and won't forget what Gatekeepers has done and continues to do.


Being in law enforcement for the past 35 years I have attended dozens and dozens of schools and logged in (most likely) 1,000 a thousand hours in classroom chairs. Some of the schools were outstanding and then there were some that were not as good. You just never know what the training will be like until that first day. When I signed up for 6 days of Level 2, 3, and 4 I must admit I was a little cautious. However, from day one the content, presentation, material and of course your method of instruction was outstanding. There was a lot of the material that I had never been exposed to and each day had me waiting to see what was going to be next. I appreciate your willingness to come to San Angelo and bring your school to us. Having been away from home myself (work and training) and missing out on family time I can truly understand what a commitment it was to bring the training to us.


I would also like to extend my appreciation to Richard Ray (forgive me if I misspelled his name) and his very unique form of defensive tactics training.


Teaching cops who have been around the block a few times new methods of controlling individuals and delivering defensive tactics sometimes can be a challenge. However, Richard's obvious qualification and proven abilities as well as his manner of instruction allowed those with all levels of experience to learn simple and proven techniques in a matter of hours.


I would also like to say thank you for looking at our Sanctuary and meeting with our Pastor to help us strategize the best way of providing personal protection to our Pastor. There were some things our Security Team had already thought of but there were others that you pointed out that we had overlooked. This will help us greatly in establishing a protocol for Pastoral/Platform protection.


Chuck, I pray that the Lord blesses you and your family and that your cup will always be full and overflowing. Thank you for sacrificing family time to spend time with us at Glen Meadows Baptist Church. Please keep us and our church in your prayers as our Gatekeepers program grows. If there is ever anything that I or Glen Meadows can do for you or Gatekeepers please do not hesitate. I look forward to the day when we will meet the Heavenly Gatekeeper and in a flash be in the presence of our Lord and Savior and we will no longer have worries or fear.

Psalm 46:10


Jim A. Coleman, Detective

San Angelo Police Department

Cold Case Investigations, CID

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San Angelo, TX 76903

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