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Full Exposure

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There are all sorts of tactics taught by all sorts of experts. Some touting decades of SWAT and Special Forces experience, etc., etc.. First, I want to thank them for their service to our country.

Second, I would like to point out some of the tactics I don’t think will work in our theater of engagement. One of the tactics I’m going to call “Full Exposure”.

The, jump out, make yourself as big of a target as possible in order to have a “stable platform” to shoot the bad guy from tactic. I saw this demonstrated by an instructor that was teaching tactics to one of our church security teams. Yes, he had been a Marine sniper, Sheriff and SWAT, etc., etc. person.

As he demonstrated he peeked around a corner diagonally showing only his handgun muzzle and one eye and said, “how many of you can take a shot like this?”. No one said anything. He continued with, “Of course, you can’t!” Then he demonstrated his way of popping out from behind the cover corner, fully exposing his entire body, taking the “Timmy Tactical Stance” and proceeding to tell the class that you must have a stable platform from which to shoot the bad guy and can’t possibly shoot while only exposing the minimum necessary to make the shot.

Sorry, but I completely disagree with this tactic of “overexposure”. We have always taught the tactic of not crowding your cover and leaning out only exposing enough of yourself to see the target and clearing the muzzle in order to shoot the bad guy. Sight picture and trigger pull is all you need to make the shot. Try not to get shot, please.


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