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Final word of Texas senate Church vigilante bill

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

Now that this new law has been signed by the governor of Texas I will talk about this one more time and then lay it to rest. I think it important enough to express my opinion. Most of the people I have talked to think the same.
The Texas governor has now signed the bill and it will come into effect September 1, 2017. The effect of the new law will be this:
Churches, Synagogues and ALL houses of worship will no longer be required to follow any laws regarding security in the state of Texas. They may legally deploy volunteer armed security teams without any regard to training, insurance, background checks or license to carry a handgun.
Regardless of how irresponsible this may seem to anyone, it is now the law of Texas and we must accept it. You may ask yourself, “How did this happen?”. Surely anyone can see the inherent dangers of having untrained vigilantes running around churches with guns, playing cops/security.
One of the biggest disappointments was listening to some of the arguments that came from people we thought would be against the bill. While not passing judgment on these individuals, I must say that we that have been in the shoes of church security for decades are really disappointed.
You can listen to one individual testify before the committee how armed church security guards don’t need training, don’t have the time or the money. Here’s the link to the video clip of his testimony:
For the full video of the hearing before the Texas Department of Homeland Security committee you can follow this link: (yes, I give my testimony here also.)
Here is a link to some videos that Richard Hammer of Church Law & Tax put out describing the risk involved with having concealed carry individuals for your security team. He speaks to the various liabilities of armed church security teams. Any church truly considering such a team should really take Richard’s comment to heart.
Armed Vigilantes and Church Security
Risk Mgmt LIVE - Concealed Carry Weapons
That’s all I have to say about this matter.

Highest regards and God Bless,

Chuck Chadwick
Gatekeepers Security Services™

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