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CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS turn to Gatekeepers to armstaff...

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS turn to Gatekeepers to arm staff...
Article by Chuck Chadwick

Christian schools turn to Gatekeepers to arm staff as legitimate State Licensed Personal Protection Officers.


Gatekeepers Security Services has teamed with the Christian Security Institute to train, certify and state license armed plainclothes security officers for Christian Schools across Texas. Both companies are official Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau licensed companies which have helped dozens of Texas Christian churches and schools with their "Gatekeeper" program.


Churches all over Texas have schools in their buildings. These are weekday activities that represent a risk that need to be addressed. The recent tragedy has disturbed enough parents that churches with schools are reevaluating their security measures. These include church activities such as daycare, Mother's Day Out, preschools, after school care and actual elementary through high schools.


While most Christian schools won't post an armed guard at the school entrance, the thought of an active shooter lose in my child's school sends chills down anyone's back. The talk of arming each teacher also sends chills down my back as I picture Mrs. Bruce, my fourth grade social studies teacher, waving a 44 magnum at a bad guy.


The more feasible alternative is to train, certify and license select staff who fit the profile of a person who can be trained to the same standards as a professional state licensed armed plainclothes Personal Protection Officer/ Security Officer.


The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau has an established training curriculum, state licensed Training Schools to certify officer and state licensed Security Services companies providing the security services. The operations and administration of such companies is a huge investment in both time and funding which is what birthed Gatekeepers. We share the burden over dozens of churches and schools. Each church pays a small "On-Duty" fee per hour or month to Gatekeepers.


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NOCSSM is the oldest and most respected name in Church Security and reflects real world professional church security experience in some of the largest churches in America.

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