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Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

One of the most sought after capabilities within a modern church management system is the ability to provide for rapid children's check-in. Not only because of the need for security in this era of child custody disputes and not so trustworthy volunteers, but also because of the inconvenience factors primarily around parents' time involved with a manual process of handing off a child or children to care workers in the church nursery and preschool ministries.

And many of the standalone check-in systems are not integrated with the rest of the church management system, thus limiting the functionality to only check-in when in fact a whole set of opportunities can be capitalized on when the capabilities are truly integrated across the membership database.

This article identifies what you should look for in the selection of a children's check-in system and offers how the leading system on the market, Fellowship One
TM, addresses the identified requirements. Fellowship One is one of the top children's check-in systems on the market. It was developed by Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas during my time as the Director of Security.

Here is the full article written by Jeff Hook.


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