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Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on



    "AT THE BANG!" - The period of time when a deadly force incident is actually played out. The period of time after "before" the deadly force Incident and before the "after" of the Deadly Force Incident. When the Active Shooter is actually still shooting.

Deadly Force Attack - Could this result in Serious Bodily Injury? Use of Force or Implied Use of Force.

Here are the basics of a Deadly Force Incident description -

  • Who Person or Persons, Individual or Group, known or unknown

  • What Deadly Force Attack Could this result in Serious Bodily Injury?

  • When Day or Night, Weekday or Event

  • Where At Church or off Site

  • Why - Evil or Crazy/Crisis State, Robbery/Domestic

  • How Empty Hand, Intermediate Weapon, Club, Knife, Gun, Bomb, Poison

  • What is a Gatekeeper's response to a DFI?

Primary Mission - Stop the killing

Realize that it is happening?

  • Respond quickly in an appropriate manner.

    • What is the immediacy of the danger / range of actor/s?

    • What level of the "Force Continuum" is the incident already at when you arrive?

      • Are you at the Deadly Force level already?
      • Are weapons drawn?
      • Have shots been fired or a stabbing occurred?
    • What are the factors of the "Totality of Circumstances"?
      • These could include:
        • Relative size
        • Relative strength
        • Type of crime
        • Weapons
        • Suspicion of alcohol or drugs by the suspect
        • Number of suspects vs. number of officers
        • Immediacy of danger
        • Exceptional skills (e.g. martial arts)
        • Environment
  • Distract, Contain/Isolate and Terminate/Neutralize the Deadly Force Threat. "Initial Responder"or "At the Bang"Tactics.

    • Distract the offender

    • Isolate the offender

    • Neutralize the offender - Use whatever tool are available.

Then - Stop the dying

At this year's 10th Annual National Convention at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO., I will be addressing the optional tactics involved in step 3 above - "Initial Responder" or "At the Bang" Tactics.

Hope you can make it to the conference or preorder the DVD sessions.


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