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10 YEAR Anniversary "State of the Christian Security World"

Posted by Charles "Chuck" Chadwick, Jr. on

NOCSSM Alive and Well - 

Greeting from NOCSSM; the nation's oldest and largest Christian Security organization. We are rounding up our ninth year and want bring you the "State of the Christian Security World", as we see it.

Thanks, from NOCSSM -

We want to let you all know that we appreciate the tremendous support we have experienced from churches all across the nation.

The level of commitment we have received from the Christian community as a whole has been inspiring to experience.  Our hopes that Christian men and women, church leaders, and law enforcement personnel would rally behind us has been achieved and continues to be a great blessing to NOCSSM.

Church security resources -

Since our beginning in 2002 we have seen many other church/Christian security Alliances, Networks, Associations, Organizations, Councils, Institutes and Ministries go by the way side.  We applaud the efforts of those that have failed. Their efforts have not gone in vain.

Christian community commitment and interest -

There are still churches that are behind in the awareness, but there will always be those that lag behind. To that effect we continually have churches calling saying that they are just now starting a security team. We think this is very encouraging and will continue supporting all churches that need assistance.

NOCSSM membership benefits expansion - A thank you to member churches.

Benefits of NOCSSM membership have always been on the leading edge of education. Our members only web site has church security resources that span over 600MB of policies, procedures, training presentations, handbooks, best practices and case file videos. Yearly membership dues are $120.

Benefit expansion - Beginning September 2011 we will also be including the yearly conference videos to all paying member churches each year. This is a $225 value and over 13 hours of training from the nation's top church security experts. These will be included with every paid renewal each year in addition to the web site resources.

9/11 preparation -

As we remember the terrible tragedy of 9/11/2001, please remain vigilant. The newest threat being car/truck bombs, a church gathering might be a tempting soft target. I can still remember after OKC we all were very weary of any trucks parking next to the church.

Highest Regards and God Bless,

Chuck Chadwick


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