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For over fourteen years NOCSSM has produced a monthly newsletter which contains notifications of our coming conferences, seminars, 

training events and articles of interest on church security subjects. For several years we put out a Gatekeepers newsletter which featured upcoming Gatekeeper training and article on tactics for dealing with the bad guys. We have decided to change all that.

Beginning this April, NOCSSM is partnering with The Christian Security Institute and Gatekeepers Security to publishing a new E-magazine: “Gatekeepers – The Journal of The American Gatekeeper” (JOAG). This E-magazine will encompass everything our two newsletters covered, plus articles from lots of other contributors and companies whose products we think are of the highest quality. Unlike other magazines, vendors cannot buy ad space in the magazine as our endorsement is not for sale.

This concept is much like Consumer Reports in that any opinions we have on products will be because we have used, owned or evaluated the products personally. The magazine will have editorials that will show the “pros” and “cons” of particular polices, practices, products and tactics. Again, not for sale.

The FREE NOCSSM newsletter will still go out announcing our conferences and training, but the article content will be in our e-magazine.

E-Magazine Subscriptions:

Active members of NOCSSM and Gatekeeper officers will be given a complimentary subscription to the magazine. All others who wish access may subscribe to the E-magazine for $19.95 per year. We hope that you will subscribe and value the content that so many have contributed to. To subscribe go to www.journaloag.com


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