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Review of 14th annual church security conference

Posted by Chuck Chadwick, Jr. on

14th Annual NOCSSM National Church

Security Conference in review

Approximately 120 people from across America attended the 14th Annual NOCSSM National Church Security Conference at Grace Church in Frisco, TX.

Dr. Sean Lawler gave two sessions on a mix of issues including Cognitive Neuroscience and Trauma Survival. He stressed the importance of training and scenario/force on force training.

Jeff Kowell’s (past security director, New Life Church, Co. Sprgs, CO) presentation showed us what a well-prepared volunteer Security “Ministry” looks like and the importance of structure and spirit.

Pat Smith (Security Director, Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX) presented the basics of Combat Hunter methodology that gave all Gatekeepers a foot hold into a much-needed skill set.

William Chadwick (Senior Gatekeepers, TX) presented a practical look at a Gatekeeper’s tools and straight forward talk into the mindset of a Gatekeeper.

Palmer Holt (InChrist Communications) spoke on the importance of having a crisis management plan.

Chuck Chadwick (Me) gave several presentations on the boring issues like personal liability issues, policies, procedures and standard operating procedure for church security teams. Somebody has to do it.

We look forward to next year.

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