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Welcome to the American Society of Christian Gatekeepers. We are the Ultimate Men’s ministry.

We are not formally associated with any one church. We welcome any man who feels called to the ministry of protection. Christian men sharpening each other.We meet monthly in local chapters, usually a member’s house, range, work, whatever. We discuss the monthly newsletter subject and share each other’s experiences.



The mission of ASCG is to help educate and enable Christians to become self-reliant in regard to their self-defense and security. To build a sense of community and support network among members with common interest.


What are you afraid of?

Where are you?

At home, on the road, at work, at school, at the corner store, at the movies, at the mall? Are you in your own back yards or overseas, out of state, on a business trip? The wrong place at the wrong time?

Who are you?

Just you yourself, you and your wife, you your wife and friends, and kids, and youth group or congregation?

When are you? 

Middle of the night? Middle of the day? Night time, storms?

There could never be an all-inclusive formula that fits every situation “Ideally”.

Think about some of the different situations where you might feel uncomfortable.

Disruptive Persons – A person making a scene close to you.

Hostage Situations

Parking lots


VIP/Loved Ones Protection

Sexual Predators – www.minitrysafe.com

Shootings – What are you going to do?

Terrorism – What are the targets?

Uninvited Visitors – home, office…

Vagrants – Can you spare a dime?

Solicitors & Cons – Can you spare a dollar?

Benevolence – Can you spare $50?


Meeting with Jesus or the Archangel Michael

Youth and Child Care - www.minitrysafe.com

Traffic / mobility – What if you have problems on the road?

Personal Safety Seminar

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