William Chadwick Speaker Bio

Senior Instructor and Trainer

Credentials | Certifications | Licenses

  • Certified Combat Rifle Instructor

  • TCOLE Police Firearms Instructor : TEEX

  • Private Security Bureau - Level III Combined Instructor - #H03216

  • Private Security Bureau - Personal Protection Instructor - #W00415

  • Pressure Point Control Tactics Certified

  • Texas DPS Private Security Bureau – Commissioned Officer

  • Texas DPS Private Security Bureau – Personal Protection Officer Texas

  •  LTC Instructor

Growing up in the home of a Private Security professional William was exposed to a different way of thinking than most from a young age, beginning his firearms training and studying executive protection at the age of 8 he was set apart from the traditional way of being raised. Martial Arts was also a passion in his childhood leading him to learn the professional fight world working for a Pro MMA company with some of the world’s best fighters watching them train and fight in the cage for championship titles. Understanding the dynamics of real world protection William was led to his career in Private Sector Security starting in 2003 and has over a decade of experience defending clients and protecting their assets. As a certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor William specializes in advanced handgun & carbine training combining old school and modern day concepts that allow him to get students up to speed on gun fighting in the classroom and on the range with a unique set of skills and a tactical mindset.

Having spent 40+ hours in uniform as an armed Commissioned Officer through the Private Security Bureau in large Christian venues for several years and now providing Executive Protection as a Personal Protection Officer to high profile clientele as his primary role William stays sharp and focused on today’s threats. With ever rising dangers around the globe he brings an Anti-Terror attitude and emphasizes on protecting Christians.

From the Sanctuary to the streets of Dallas, William believes that incorporating combat proven, solid tactics with live fire training is the only way to meet today’s challenges for Christian Security combined with a strong passion to serve and demanding only the best for his students. He enjoys all things tactical and Instructs at the Christian Security Institute as a State Level 3 & 4 Instructor.