Sean Lawler Bio

Dr. Sean Lawler earned his Doctor of Management degree from Colorado Technical University within the concentration of Homeland Security Studies. He has conducted doctoral-level research within the related fields of active shooter defense and countering a terrorist attack upon a school. He has studied under subject matter experts in the field, including Dr. John Giduck, who is one of the leading experts on terrorist attacks against schools (including the attack on a school in Beslan, Russia and the attack on Virginia Tech). Dr. Lawler holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from Strayer University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science/National Security Studies from the United States Air Force Academy. Dr. Lawler is currently a Special Agent within the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, where he also serves as a federal tactical instructor, a firearms instructor, a flight instructor, and an active shooter defense instructor. Prior to joining the DEA, Dr. Lawler was a Major in the United States Air Force, where he served as an instructor pilot, a KC-10 aircraft commander, a Human Intelligence Case Officer, and a Combat Interrogator. 

Dr. Lawler serves on the School Board and Security Committee for Bethesda Christian School, where he has helped develop security protocols for active shooter defense. In addition, Dr. Lawler is the Security Department Head at Calvary Chapel--Fort Worth, where he installed a team of Gatekeeper-trained personal protection officers for security during services and events. Dr. Lawler is also a co-founder of 360 Resilience Group, a research-based, scholarly consulting firm which seeks to develop functional security protocols and provide reality-based scenario training for organizational leaders at schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses. 360 Resilience Group focuses on a scholar-practitioner-warrior approach to security, as it is operated by three military veterans holding doctoral degrees within the field of homeland security studies.