Bob Klamser is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Crisis Consulting International.   Bob retired from a 23-year law enforcement career in 1994.  During that career he held a wide range of responsibilities, including command of a criminal investigation unit, command of a hostage negotiation team and command of the operations section of a municipal government’s emergency operations center.  In addition to his responsibilities with Crisis Consulting International, Bob has served as missions pastor and administrator of a large Southern California church.  He also serves on the Professional Services Network for Missio Nexus.
Bob has presented training seminars and conducted consultations involving hundreds of organizations throughout the world.  He has personally participated in hostage negotiations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.  He has provided other crisis management and security services throughout the world.
The Terrorism Threat to Churches and Faith-Based Organizations
The global jihadist threat to the Christian church, both overseas and within the U.S., is growing and will be a part of our threat environment in the foreseeable future.  It is critical that church leaders have an accurate and informed basis upon which to evaluate, prepare for and defend against this threat.
New U.S. Policy on Kidnapping of Americans Overseas
This topic is critical for any church that sends US citizens on mission trips - any missions trips, whether short-term across the border to Mexico, or long-term to any hot spot or other place in the world.  The approach of the US government changed radically last year. Bob was privileged to be a part of the review group that provided input and recommendations into the new policies. Although not all of the changes are desirable (from the church’s perspective), they are a reality that any church that sends people out need to understand.