Repel Robber by Unleashing the gospel

Marian Chadwick (and Jesus) Repel Robber by Unleashing the Gospel

By Pete Kotz - Tuesday, Jan. 19 2010 @ 1:20PM
​Marian Chadwick, owner of a Frisco, Texas jewelry store, was helping a customer when an armed robber walked in. He demanded that Chadwick and client Kathy Vereen hit the floor, but Chadwick had other ideas...

Instead of complying with the armed intruder's wishes, the owner of Extravagant Necessities decided to bust out some scripture on him (see video above).

"In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out of my store," she announced to the assailant. "You are bound by the Holy Spirit and you are leaving."

The bad guy -- either fearing God's wrath or worried that he has a crazy lady on his hands -- attempts to resume his robbery. But after realizing it's futile, he reluctantly backs out of the store.

Police don't recommend this as a preferred method of repelling robbers. What if he's an adherent of the Devil or, worse, an Obama supporter intent on a grand redistribution of wealth, as Glen Beck so often warns?


"He could have shot Kathy," Vereen told CBS. "He told her to get on the floor, but she said no. He could have grabbed anything, but he was totally arrested by the Holy Spirit. The power of God filled the store and it just pushed him back.