FOXdfw - Clerk Kicks Armed Robber Out of Boutique

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Clerk Kicks Armed Robber out of Boutique

Published : Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010, 7:57 PM CST

Sophia Reza - FOX 4 News

Adapted for Web by Tracy DeLatte,

FRISCO, Texas - A North Texas woman says she relied on her faith in God when a robber tried to take cash from her store.

According to the Frisco Police Department, the same man has robbed more than 13 stores over the past week. He hit five stores on Monday, including two in Richardson, one in Allen and two in Frisco.

But he didn’t get any cash when he walked into Marian Chadwick’s “Extravagant Necessities” store Monday night.

“We were finishing up the transaction and we were just sitting here chatting and all of a sudden this guy walks in,” Chadwick said. “He comes and starts saying, ‘This is a robbery. Give me your money.’ I still thought it was for fun. It wasn’t registering.”

At first she thought the man was a friend of her husband. When what was happening finally did register, something came over her, she said.

“I just planted and I said, ‘In the name of Jesus I command you to get out of my store right now.’ He said, ‘I want your money,’” she said.

The robber didn’t leave right away so the customer with Chadwick also stood up to him. Neither budged and finally he backed away.

“He got to the door and he kind of popped his step and jumped in his car,” Chadwick said.

Police want the public’s help trying to identify him, but they aren’t recommending anyone try to be a hero. The man is dangerous and is allegedly responsible for a string of crimes.

“It's very important for us to get him off the street as soon as we possibly can,” said Sgt. Kevin Perlich.

Chadwick credits the power of God for the confidence to stand up to the man.

“All I know is he backed off because there was a tremendous power in here that we couldn't explain,” she said.