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TX-DPS CHL ELIGIBILITY GC411.172 - Click here for details...

Class preparation:

  1. Bring ONLY the firearm you are going to use to qualify with, and one empty magazine
  2. Bring eye protection (sunglasses are not considered eye protection)
  3. Wear shoes that cover the entire foot (no open toed shoes or sandals)
  4. 50 rounds of ammunition (bring extra in the event of a re-shoot)
  5. This is an outdoor range (rain or shine) be prepared, wear appropriate clothing
DO NOT bring a loaded firearm inside the classroom.
DO NOT bring a loaded firearm into the gun range.

B 27 Silhouette Target

Minimum (gun) caliber requirements are .32 caliber.

If you complete the proficiency with a semi-automatic, you can carry a revolver or semi-automatic.If you complete the proficiency with a revolver, you can only carry a revolver with the license. Your handgun proficiency certificate will indicate the category of handgun you successfully demonstrated proficiency as SA semi-automatic or NSA non semi-automatic (revolver) and will be indicated as such on your CHL license.