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Churches are concerned about the security of their congregations, pastors and staff. Most churches are also concerned with the appearance of looking like there are security issues that need to be addressed by uniformed police being at church services. They are also looking for a solution to the high cost of security personnel.

The statistics speak for themselves. According to the nation's leading church crime statistician Carl Chinn of M7; from 01/01/1999 through 09/15/2010 there were 167 deadly force incidents resulting in the death of others in churches. Of those incidents only 5 were stopped in process by law enforcement, 7 were stopped in process by others and the remaining 155 were stopped when the attacker was finished.
Law enforcement tell us that until they get there; "We are on our own to stop the incident." Most of the time police are there to take the report.

What if there was a way to have an "Intervention Capable" person there at the church that is armed, trained and legally licensed at a fraction of the cost. Add on top that they are a long time trusted church member who has a vested interest in protecting the church, the congregation and staff.


In Texas the Private Security industry is regulated by the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau.

Texas law prohibits the carrying of a handgun in church as a part of a security team without being licensed by the Private Security Bureau.

Even retired law enforcement must be licensed through the Private Security Bureau.


May 10, 2007
A volunteer security patrol made up of church members would generally require licensing under the provisions of Section 1702.108 or 1702.222, regardless of whether any compensation is received as a result of the activities. The only exception to licensing provided by the legislature for nonprofit and civic organizations is found in Section 1702.327, which applies specifically to nonprofit and civic organizations that employ peace officers under certain circumstances and would not be applicable here.

However, there is one exception to licensing under Chapter 1702 provided by the legislature that could arguably apply, which can be found in section 1702.323 (“Security Department of Private Business”). This exception would allow volunteers to provide security services exclusively for one church, as long as they do not carry firearms and as long as they do not wear “a uniform with any type of badge commonly associated with security personnel or law enforcement or a patch or apparel with ‘security’ on the patch or apparel.” See TEX. OCC. CODE §1702.323(a) & (d)(2). Thus, the wearing of a uniform or any apparel containing the word “security” would subject them to the licensing requirements of the act.

THE SOLUTION: State Security Licensing

Texas security regulations provide several levels of security officers:

Non-Commissioned Security Officer - Level 2 - A level two officer is an unarmed and uniformed security guard. This is the usual type of officer seen at malls and office building. The training is mostly in the understanding of the private security statutes and rules and the understanding of the principles of observe and report, detect and deter.

Commissioned Security Officer - Level 3 - A level three officer in an armed (clearly visible/unconcealed) and uniformed security guard. Additional firearms and use of force training.

Personal Protection Officer - Level 4 - (bodyguard) A level four officer is an armed (concealed carry) and plain clothed officer assign to protect a person or persons. Additional training in defensive tactics and personal protection of a third party.

Gatekeepers Security Services™ (Gatekeepers) is a state licensed security company that licenses volunteer security personnel to churches all across Texas.

THE PATH: Becoming a Gatekeeper

Upon acceptance into the program, Gatekeepers will train their candidates through our state licensed security school, the Christian Security Institute located in DFW area).

After training and certification, the candidates are licensed under Gatekeepers Security Services™ (a class B security services company) as Level 4 - Personal Protection Officers.

Gatekeepers then enters into a written contract with the church to provide those officers (your volunteers) to the church for the protection of the pastor, staff and congregants.


The objective is to gain a level 4 license and certification. This certification requires Level 2/3 and 4 training and certification.

  • Level 2 -3 training is $290 and the state required training is 40 hours- 4 days
  • Range time in Pilot Point, Texas - $20
  • Level 4 training is $200 and the state required training is 15 hours.
  • Level 4 licensing also required to take the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) which is a 2-3 hours physiological test which cost is approximately $80 from a licensed state certified doctor.
  • GSS - Badge - $30
  • ONSITE training available - Additional charges apply.
Total training cost - Approximately - $620 plus ammunition for the qualifying shoot.
  • State Licensing Cost: (per person)
  • Fingerprint fee - $25 + $10 for electronic processing
  • Level 3 license fee - $57 - (renewal required every 2 years) ($7 for Veteran)
  • Level 4 license fee - $57 - (renewal required every 2 years) ($7 for Veteran)
Total licensing fees: $149.00



In addition to the state required training each candidate is required to attend company provided additional free training at the Christian Security Institute™ in Frisco, Texas or on-site as required.

Cost to Church: The church is invoiced on a per hour rate when officers are "on duty", usually a few hours per week - usually $11.20 per hour per officer. Discounts are available for full time officers.

The church has hired a state licensed security company to provide the security services the church needs. The church gets their trusted member who has been fully training, licensed and insured as their Gatekeepers for a minimal cost.

To speak with us about the bringing Gatekeepers to your church please call or email us.
Contact or (972) 712-8818 for more information.

Licensed by: #B15671
The Texas Department of Public Safety
Private Security Bureau
Austin, TX