CSI - Instructor | Chuck Chadwick

Chuck ChadiwckChuck Chadwick, Founder and President


Chuck is the founder and president of the National Organization for Church Security and Safety Management™ which has helped thousands of churches throughout America with security and safety issues that concern all churches both large and small.

He is the licensed security manager and president of Gatekeepers Security Services whose Gatekeepers Program™ has put hundreds of armed Gatekeepers in churches across Texas.

He is also the president of the Christian Security Institute™ which is a state licensed armed security school which trains, certifies and licenses church security operators.

Chuck was the past Director of Security for Mega church in Grapevine, Texas and lead the security efforts for local church in Frisco, Texas as their Volunteer Director of Security.

His three decades of private security experience, including twelve years in the Church security field enables him to address the unique security issues faced by churches of all sizes.


  • Certified Protections Specialist - Executive Security International
  • Certified Church Security Specialist - NOCSSM™
  • Licensed Personal Protection Officer - Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau
  • Licensed Commissioned Security Officer -Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau 
  • Licensed Qualified Manager - Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau #B15671
  • NRA Pistol, Rifle and Safety Instructor #155068986
  • Certified Police Firearms Instructor - Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education
  • Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor - PPCT Management Systems, Inc.