CSI Levels 2/3 Course Synopsis

I. Overview: Roles and Responsibilities of Security   Officers

A. Prevention and Deterrence

B. Use of Force Continuum

C. Ethics

1. Nondisclosure

2. Client

3. Company

4. Morals

D. Perception of Officer

1. Professional look and Conduct

2. Uniform

a. Requirements

b. Care and Wearing

E. Liaison between Police and Client

F. Observation and Report Writing

1. Safety Hazards

2. Criminal Acts

G. Emergency Response

H. Detainment of Offender

1. Site Assigned To Only

 II. Offences and Arrests

A. Types of Arrests

1. Actual

2. Constructive

B. Texas Commission on Private Security

1. Definitions

2. Subpoena and Injunctive Powers

3. Actions against Violators

4. Pocket Cards

C. The Role and Responsibility of the Security Officer

1. Difference between Peace Officer and Security Officer

2. Legal Liability

D. Types of Offences

1. Misdemeanors

2. Felonies

E. The Arrest

 III. Radio Procedures

A. FCC Regulations

B. Proper Methods of Speaking

C. Courtesy

D. Care

E. Practice

 IV. Report Writing and Observation Training

A. Field Notes

B. Written Report Types

1. Narrative

2. Pre-printed

C. Correct Writing

D. Importance

1. Client

2. Customer

E. Observation Exercises

F. Writing Exercises

 V. Response to Emergencies

A. Company and Client SOPs

B. Fire Recognition and Response

l. Types of Fires

2. Indications

3. Response

4. Reporting Procedure

C. Accidents

1. Medical Emergencies

2. Reporting Procedure

D. Hazardous Material I Dangerous Goods

1. Classification

2. Identification/ Emblems

3. Safety Response

4. Reporting Procedure

E. Bombs

1. Types of Threats

2. Threat Response

3. Bomb Search Priorities

 F. Shots Fired

 VI. Conflict Resolution

A. Know Thyself

B. The Public

C. Face to Face

D. Use of Force Continuum

1. Command Presence

2. Verbal Command

3. Weaponless Strategy l Empty Hand Control

a. Soft Empty Hand Control

b. Hard Empty Hand Control

4. Intermediate Weapons

a. Soft Intermediate Weapons

b. Hard Intermediate Weapons

5. Deadly Force

6. Totality of Circumstances

E. Penal Code References