What resources does NOCSSM offer?

This website is a"tool kit" and collection of opinions, facts, systems, references, templates, plans, issues, policies, procedures, videos and methodologies.

This website will save you time, money, property and perhaps the most important “lives” of the most important people.

Whether you are new to the church security field or a veteran, you need a structured program. Without a structure, you are just hanging on by your fingertips. Handling each issue as it comes up, and then probably not doing the same thing twice. It would be like building a bridge without a plan. Without a plan, a structure might hold for a while, but it will gradually fall apart in different places and probably at the worst time, when someone is coming over it.

When to use this website -

  • Use it when you are just starting:

  • When you already have an established program.

  • When you just need a head start on a program.

  • As a check list for confirmation of your own idea.

Where to use it:

  • use this guide at the church

  • at the camps

  • on the big campus

  • at the seminar

  • at the church school

  • at the admin office

  • at the sports facility

  • at the pastor’s private home

  • while traveling

Why to use it:

  • To make you smarter.

  • To confirm, or deny your ideas.

It is a mass of knowledge you may not have considered. It might give you an insight quickly that has taken others years to understand. This guide helps you cheat by not making you go through the mistakes others have.

How to use it:

Use this guide as a template from which to start or reference. Templates can save you from spinning your wheels while trying to reinvent the wheel. Almost everything you will encounter has already been encountered.

Reference –

Use this as a guide to alert you to what the issues might be as you encounter situations or issues. This book is meant to be a working document from which to develop various safety and security policies and procedures.

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